Saturday, November 3, 2012

How Languages were made


  • Let's make a few letters from which the vowels would be read hit or miss
  • Oh, and it'd be fun if the meaning of the words would change depending on the speaker's social status


  • Half of the letters will be read like shit and other half won't be read at all
  • Don't forget the little sticks above


  • How about all of the words ending with vowels?
  • Don't forget waving your hands like psycho, it's hot outside


  • Let's fuck up the Italian language


  • Let's write words in random order and convey their meaning with intonation!
  • Don't forget about the prefixes and suffixes!


  • Let's fuck up the Russian language
  • Damm yes! We'll talk like Russian kids


  • Man, who the fuck needs spaces?
  • Add more consonants!


  • Let's use sounds of nature instead of words
  • Look at the thing I drew. Here's the sun and crocodiles are flying in here. Let this mean "table"


  • Let's pronounce everything with the same intonation
  • Like a dog barking. Just to freak everyone out


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